Rahmentraverse 100T Rahmentraverse 100T
A frame cross-beam constructed for loading in harbour
Sondertraverse 1,6t Sondertraverse 1,6t
A special traverse for the handling of pipe racks
Spezial-Balkentraverse 25t Spezial-Balkentraverse 25t
This special beam traverse was designed for the steel industry
Balkentraverse 150t Balkentraverse 150t
A beam with a carrying capacity of 150t
Staplertraverse 10t Staplertraverse 10t
Special version of a spreader, a forklift truck with 10t load capacity

The most diverse load handling equipment or traverses are also part of our portfolio. Here we have significantly expanded our production in recent years. We supply these in standard versions as well as application-specific designs to suit your needs.


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Our enginnering department delivers designs tailored to client's specific requirements.

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In our modern fabrication facility we manufacture and thoroughly test all the equipment.

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Warranty service

We guaratee service and spare parts for the whole warranty period.

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Post warranty service

After warranty period we provide spare parts and service for the life cycle of our products.